Monday, June 18, 2012

What Will Be Missed On CD's If They Become Obsolete?

It Doesn't Mean They Are Old, They Are Useless

Death of CD Burner
Nowadays, the rise of convenient storage options like USB, HDD and cloud storage like Dropbox and iCloud; many individuals think that CD’s or any disc related media are getting obsolete and face the same fate of diskette few years ago. Here are some statements from Twitter:

This issue is discussed:

So let’s say CD’s are now obsolete, what are the things that we will miss if this “extinction” is going to happen a few years from now?

Here are the 7 reasons why CD’s have the advantage over USB, HDD, and cloud storage:

• CD’s are read-only storage; it generally holds about 650mb of data or 74 minutes of audio. Far lesser than HDD and USB but its read-only feature has the advantage. Your important files can’t be deleted on the disc even a person has attempted to alter your data.

• Some HDD and USB have a compatibility issue which is a headache for users and wastes their time looking and downloading a compatible driver for their storage device.  CD’s don’t have these issues as long as your disc drive is properly placed on your PC.

• Viruses can’t infect CD’s - USB and HDD are devices that are “loved” by Trojan, Malware, and Worm viruses.

• CD’s doesn’t need WIFI or internet connection – cloud storage needs it!

• CD’s can be used as storage for special events of your life (graduation, wedding, birthdays) without the worry of the data getting corrupt once it’s properly kept.

• CD’s are waterproof so there’s no worry that your data will get damaged or corrupt, just clean the disc’s surface and it’s good and will work on disc drives, unlike USB and HDD that can get easily damaged once water is present in the device (unless they are waterproof).

• CD's are the cheapest tool for saving data. - costs of CD's are 100 up to more than 1000% cheaper than HDD, USB, and monthly/yearly cloud storage subscriptions.

Here you go; these are all the things that will be missed once CD’s are extinct. Aside from these technical features that will be missed, there are jobs and businesses that depend on it particularly recording studios and disc manufacturers that will get affected when this extinction happens.

Is anyone here like disc technology to remain? Or go to the advancement of storage technology and put an end to disc media? Let me hear your thoughts by sharing or tweet using the twitter buttons below.


  1. I think CD would be eventually be obsolete like floppy disk drives but I hope not I just can't imagine movies and music cds being sold via USB or via downloads only.

  2. Franc, I agree with that! I believe that there are many individuals that still can't adopt online music and still use their old CD players. Latest movies nowadays are available in CD's even though there are many convenient options like buying a copy on Amazon and other convenient options. I guess that CD's will last up to 15 to 20 years more. Thanks for reading!

  3. A few years ago, I couldn't live without a CD burner in my CPU but now, I rarely every use it. I do wish though that they could create a storage device that's as good and secure as CDs. I can so relate to important files getting deleted. I experienced that with Dropbox. That was the day I wished I had CDs. :D

    1. Security and reliability on the quality of one data is vital. These are absent in the USB's and online storage. Discs are bulky yet they are the safest way to save information. Thanks for your time!

  4. wow!! great information reading this!! i admit i don't know anything about all those infos! xx

  5. Well this post is a great way to know how valuable CD's are even they are an "old-school" technology. :)

  6. Great thing I still keep those CDs with me. XD

  7. Because of the fast growing technology, almost anything related to it can be obsolete in no time, not just CDs. And yes, I will miss the CD's somehow if ever they become extinct. :(

  8. The market shifts to a flash based storage. Nothing to do about it I guess

    1. Hi Lucy,

      Yes I agree with that, but CD's are useful since it can secure your data unlike flash based storage that are not safe from viruses and file corruption from other computers. Thank you for your time reading this post! :)